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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for November 24th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Ultimate Avengers 3 #4

Secret Avengers #7

Captain America #612

Deadpool #29

Batwoman #0

Walking Dead #79

Ultimate Spider-Man #150

Invincible Iron Man #32

Locke & Key:  Keys to the Kingdom #3


First thing that caught my attention was that is was being told via storytelling gimmick, in this case the days of a single month.  But upon reading (and re-reading), the really special thing was that it used that gimmick to tell more story in a strong way.  Most of the book is centered around a pair of relationships building up and breaking down, but breaking up the tension are days where we see single panels of grand, life-or-death adventures that are peppered through the month.  Seeing a hurtful comment between family members, and then turning the page to a panel of menacing squirrels is something that, in the hands of lesser artists, would have come off as stupid and forced.  But that’s what makes Locke & Key special;  it can handle the balancing act and make it look easy.  Brilliant work, and one of the best single issues of the year.

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