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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for November 21st


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Deadpool #2

Justice League #14

Indestructible Hulk #1

Sword of Sorcery #2

X-O Manowar #7

Wonder Woman #14

Batwoman #14

Captain Marvel #7

Ultimate Spider-Man #17

X-Factor #247

Unwritten #43

Iron Man #2

Fables #123

Harbinger #6

Hawkeye #4

Daredevil #20

Uncanny X-Force #34


This week I read two books that aren’t doing much for me anymore, but I still plan to keep buying them at $3.99 a pop for the backup stories.  In Action Comics, I’m far more interested in the development of Shazam than I am the Throne of Atlantis crossover with Aquaman.  And the Amethyst story in Sword of Sorcery keeps piling on new characters and plotlines but isn’t going anywhere, but the Beowulf backup is simplistic but engaging.  It burns me to keep spending so much money on subpar books, but I would miss the backups if I stopped.

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