One Word or Less Comic Reviews for November 10th

Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Glamourpuss #16

Knight and Squire #2

Green Lantern:  Emerald Warriors #4

Avengers Prime #4

Thor #617

New Avengers #6

Batman:  The Return of Bruce Wayne #6

Red Robin #17

Unwritten #19

Ultimate Thor #2

Avengers:  The Children’s Crusade #3


I did indeed!  Two issues in it has proven itself as a strong solidification of the origin of Ultimate Comics’ favorite god, while also setting up a new status quo.  An engrossing flashback tale of brothers and friends, coupled with a great WWII narrative with a somewhat obvious twist I did not see coming, promises to be devastating to watch unfold.  Everything else I’ve read from Jonathan Hickman was intensely steeped in an abundance of information, and I am shocked that he can also keep it simple without sacrificing story.  I’m impressed.