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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for May 2nd -AND- Free Comic Book Day…Barely


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:


The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1

Atomic Robo/Neozoic/Bonnie Lass Free Comic Book Day 2012


Batwing #9

Avengers Academy #29

G.I. Combat #1

The Boys #66

Animal Man #9

X-Factor #235

Action Comics #9

Dial H #1

Stormwatch #9

Defenders #6

Worlds’ Finest #1

Avengers vs. X-Men #3

Earth 2 #1

Ultimate Spider-Man #10

Swamp Thing #9

Invincible Iron Man #516

Daredevil #12


If I had had to guess, I would’ve thought that Dial H would be the standout hit, with Earth 2 being somewhat okay, Worlds’ Finest being utterly mediocre, and G.I. Combat not being worth the paper it was printed on.  But that’s not the way it shook down for me.  The Earth 2 comics were convincing and well made, offering a window into another way that the Justice League could have gone, and I can’t wait to see the Justice Society come together in Earth 2 and for Power Girl and Huntress to either find their way back home or find their way on our Earth.  Dial H may still become great, but issue 1 stumbled.  And I was half right about G.I. Combat, but Gray and Palmiotti saved it with an enjoyable backup piece (that was actually half of the book (and thank the stars for that)).

And once again, Avengers movie.  Holy crap.  A well-made flick with dozens upon dozens of adrenaline-spiking simple moments.  For instance, the part when the guy ejects from a jet;  if you saw the film, you remember what happens next and you’re smiling ear to ear.  You’re thinking you should go see it again.  You’re right.

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