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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for May 11th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Powers #6

All-New, All-Different Avengers #9

Kaijumax: Season Two #1

Batman #52

Ultimates #7

Archie #8

Darth Vader #20

Southern Bastards #14


By this point I have to wonder if it’s because of its piss-poor release schedule, or if Bendis is just out of story to tell, but I feel like Powers had about 50 issues of powerhouse storytelling and since then…just blips of greatness floating in a mire of bland. This six issue deep volume (which I believe was excited about season 1 of Powers on Playstation Network when it began, and six issues later is trumpeting the arrival of season 2) has been a mess. The previous story, Powers: Bureau, didn’t hit its stride for its dozen or so issues. I don’t even remember anything that happened in Vol. 3, and at least half of Vol. 2 was missing its spark. But I’m never going to stop buying it, because the first 9 or 10 story arcs are among the best that comics have to offer, and now I have to see what happens to these characters until they’re dead in the ground.

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