One Word or Less Comic Reviews for March 6th

Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Before Watchmen:  Rorschach #4

Earth 2 #10

Animal Man #18

Fairest #13

A+X #5

Worlds’ Finest #10

Age of Ultron #1

Iron Man #7

Stormwatch #18

Avengers #7

Powers:  Bureau #2

Snapshot #2

Green Arrow #18

All-New X-Men #8

Green Lantern #18

Daredevil:  End of Days #6

Swamp Thing #18


This book started in pure Hickman fashion, with an esoteric larger-than-life unstoppable threat.  Quite insanely, that story arc lasted three issues and resolved itself with almost no conflict.  Since then, it has been issue after issue of origin stories.  As a larger tale this is entirely necessary when about half of your giant team is unknown quantities, and in the long run I would much, much rather give two craps about Hyperion than have him be Fake Superman/Replacement Sentry, so it’s worth it.  But man, I am just waiting for this title to get to the point already.  This week’s issue 7 seemed to be doing just that, but by the end of it it was just yet another origin.

On the plus side, the quality of these meandering stories has been pretty excellent, and once it gets somewhere it could be telling some of the best Avengers stories ever told.  And also it seems to come out 2-3 times a month, which helps with the overall pacing issues.  I love the idea of a twenty-person Avengers team tackling insurmountable interstellar threats, so I hope it just keeps getting better.