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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for March 27th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Justice League Dark #18

Batman Incorporated #9

Fury MAX #10

All Star Western #18

FF #5

Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Thunderbolts #7

Fantastic Four #5AU

Uncanny Avengers #5

Unwritten #47

Legend of Luther Strode #4

I, Vampire #18

Time Warp #1

Fatale #13

Angel & Faith #20

Young Avengers #3

East of West #1


This was not a bad story.  Judged by its own merits in a relative vacuum, it would have placed much higher on this list.  Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me suss out how any of this fits into the other Fantastic Four books.  The family was meant to be gone for (I believe) a year by their time, but only four minutes on Earth.  The events of FF show that they have been gone far longer, intimating that something bad must have happened on the space-time vacation, but no such event has occurred yet in Fantastic Four.  So when did this happen?  Based on the running gag of bad newspaper headlines in FF the return trip had to have been at least a few days in Earth time.  Has it been several decades already for the Richards?  And if they could be called back at any time for severe emergency, what was the point of the replacement FF anyway?  Not to mention that (spoiler alert) three-quarters of the Fantastic Four die at Ultron’s hands, but seem to still be spacefaring in Fantastic Four #6 later this month.  Perhaps that’s my biggest problem.  This crossover is supposed to actually be happening and not a future timeline or alternate reality;  how am I supposed to care about deaths on a scale that can’t possibly stick?  When Johnny Storm died I cried, because it was done organically and realistically.  This feels more like DC’s Rotworld story or, even worse, the Ultimatum event that Marvel did years back where Jeph Loeb killed a dozen important characters with interesting stories yet to be told, for no reason other than shock value and too rapidly to resonate.

The last will messages in this issue were very special.  It’s a shame I can’t care that they died.

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