One Word or Less Comic Reviews for March 19th

Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Superman Unchained #6

Unwritten: Apocalypse #3

Iron Man #23

New Avengers #15

Thor: God of Thunder #20

WWE Superstars #3

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #10

Uncanny X-Men #19

Daredevil #1

Sex Criminals #5

Wonder Woman #29

Lazarus #7


Wonder Woman and Uncanny X-Men are both books that I have occasionally lost my excitement for in the past year. But I continued to read them. I’m invested. And it’s paying off, as both titles are ones where when everything clicks it’s quite a nice ride. Both have paid off their teased plot progressions and are ready to rocket forward into the mess. Can’t wait!

Oh, and I checked because MultiMediaMouth is primarily based out of the UK: it is indeed prohibitively expensive to ship internationally. England would cost about $60 for up to 20 pounds of comic books and garbage. Now on the other hand, if you’re a reader of MMM and live in the continental US of A, I am super serious about selling you 20 pounds (maybe more!) of comic books and garbage. I can almost guarantee that you’ll get a copy of my 2009 holiday mix CD, because I made fifty of them and I still have about half that many sitting around, but I promise there will be good stuff in there too.