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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for June 22nd


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #8

Nighthawk #2

Ms. Marvel #8

Mighty Thor #8

Power Man and Iron Fist #5

Autumnlands #11

Totally Awesome Hulk #7

Doctor Strange #9

Ultimates #8

Captain America: Sam Wilson #10

Bitch Planet #8

Archie #9


Both Mighty Thor and Doctor Strange did the same thing in their stories this week: they took the bad guy who had been scraping together a reputation as an unstoppable threat the likes of which their hero had never had to face before, and Deus ex Even Worse Guy’d them to a point of weakness. Dario Agger’s quest for power as the evolution of a horrible businessman has been built for years but he ends this issue being dragged away by a character we’ve never seen before. Doctor Strange has treated the Empirikul as the worst threat magic has even known and nothing they do has had any effect on him…until Stephen’s cellar monster overwhelms him, and now it doesn’t seem like such a difficult fight. If it didn’t happen twice this week in two separate Jason Aaron books, I probably wouldn’t have cared or even noticed. But as is, it stuck out and now I can’t ignore it, and it’s pretty annoying.

Still great comics, though! Go read ’em!

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