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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for July 25th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Ultimates #13

Spaceman #8

FF #20

All Star Western #11

Deadpool #58

Green Lantern #11

Batman Incorporated #3

Before Watchmen:  Comedian #2

I, Vampire #11

Angel & Faith #12

Justice League Dark #11

Gold Star #1

Uncanny X-Force #28


It would seem that Batman Incorporated #3 was meant to be pulled this week, and sold at a later date to respect the victims of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado.  While I respect the choice to play it safe rather than stoke further outrage, I can’t imagine anyone outside of the surviving victims and their friends and family being struck hard by the opening sequence.  If the comic didn’t have the word Batman on the cover, it wouldn’t have even registered.  So don’t feel the need to rush out to buy the Return of Matches Malone;  it was a decent enough read, but it was just a mediocre part of a larger, hopefully better Batman and Robin story.

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