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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for July 24th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Constantine #5

Unwritten #51

Hunger #1

New Avengers #8

All Star Western #22

Uncanny Avengers #10

Lazarus #2

Young Avengers #8

Batman/Superman #2

Hawkeye Annual #1


Mild spoilers, of course…

…the one where Galactus tears open space itself and pops out of the rift in Hunger #1.

…the return of the Mother parasite’s empty comic grid world, and Miss America Chavez stomping her way out of it in Young Avengers #8.

…that page in All Star Western #22 where Jeremiah Arkham shows Jonah Hex that, yes, cigarettes are bad for you.

…two Batmans punching each other with precisely identical technique, and immediately deducing that they’re the same guy (while on another page, the two Supermans are just punching each other like big dumb guys) in Batman/Superman #2.

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  1. Not that it really matters. Bruce is too busy chasing hot doctors to notice his supervillain stalker. In yet another example of “It’s Called A ‘Secret’ Identity For A Reason, Stupid,” Bruce breaks down the door to Dr. Chase’s office when he thinks she’s in trouble. Turns out she’s just got a punching bag set up in there. The fact this all takes place in City Hall makes Bruce look even dumber. One would expect this building to be full of…I don’t know…cops, or something. If you think Chase is in trouble, you could get one of them to break down the door. Or…I don’t know…find the right key on their belts if you want some fumbling, false tension. But oh-no, Mr. Playboy Billionaire in your civvies, you just gotta go charging right in there, shoulder first, like the big lommox you are. The man who tried to out-crazy the Joker and Catwoman, only to fail on both counts.

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