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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for July 20th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Casanova: Acedia #6

Star Wars #21

Nighthawk #3

Darth Vader #23

Spider-Man #6

Batman #3

Astro City #37

Ultimates #9

Snotgirl #1

Clean Room #10

Black Widow #5

Lazarus #23

Velvet #15


With a few exceptions, the majority of my comics this week were either dialogue-heavy plot builders, or they were nonstop crazy action, with very little overlap between the two.

Spider-Man focuses on secrets, and has half a dozen conversations about them. Astro City weaves tales of bygone eras where the music of the time shaped the world. Black Widow had a car fly out of a building and exploded a guy. Snotgirl was in her own head and out of it as well. The Ultimates scienced out an interdimensional friendship. NIGHTHAWK PUNCHED DUDES.

Lazarus and Velvet walked the line and provided quiet and loud in large amounts, but it was very either/or for most.

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