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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for July 17th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Avengers #16

X-Factor #259

Fantastic Four #10

Batwoman #22

Wonder Woman #22

Fables #131

Thanos Rising #4

Batman ‘66 #1

Powers Bureau #6

100 Bullets:  Brother Lono #2

FF #9

Harbinger Wars #4

Ultimate Spider-Man #25

Iron Man #13

All-New X-Men #14

Thor:  God of Thunder #10


Thinking about checking out Batman ‘66?  Then you should, because if you remember the old Batman TV show fondly enough to entertain the thought then they made this comic for you.  It’s done a great job of mixing that ‘60s camp flair with some actual decent scripting and action that wouldn’t feel out of place on a “current” series.

Actually, if you’re thinking about checking it out and you’re not afraid of going digital, it’s my understanding that it’s a digital-first weekly series for 99 cents a chunk that then gets collected into a four dollar book, so you can get a feel for it for less than a dollar.

Go for it.  Spend a dollar on a novel idea.  Chase that nostalgia dragon.

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