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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for January 30th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Before Watchmen:  Dollar Bill #1

Talon #4

Batman Incorporated #7

Green Lantern Corps Annual #1

Before Watchmen:  Ozymandias #5

All Star Western #16

I, Vampire #16

Justice League Dark #16

Unwritten #45

Avengers #4

Angel & Faith #18

Punisher War Zone #4

Hawkeye #7


That was the turnaround time, almost to the day, from the megastorm to the actual physical comic.  From what Matt Fraction has said, that’s pretty much an impossible amount of time to make a comic happen.  That he pretty much had to write it overnight and then find two artists who could pump out artwork in roughly a week that can hang with David Aja.  Without these limitations, it’s a really good comic.  When you factor in the time constraints and filter it through the net of having lived through the actual disaster depicted only THREE MONTHS ago, it’s a great comic.

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