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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for January 28th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Uncanny Avengers #1

Quantum and Woody: Must Die! #1

Gotham Academy #4

Rasputin #4

Vertigo Quarterly CMYK #4

New Avengers #29

Uncanny X-Men #30

Batman #38

Casanova: Acedia #1

Bitch Planet #2

Thor #4

Sex Criminals #10


I read the entirety of Casanova through its run from Icon, and all of it just once. Even back then I had trouble following the minutiae from issue to issue, but even though I knew I was enjoying it on a much shallower level than I could have been, I caught enough that it was one of my favorite comics of any week it came out. Casanova: Acedia was not really one of my favorite comics this week, but I’m happier for it. It was heavy on setup and light on satisfaction, but if it had come out of the gate swinging at the same rate it had ended its third volume, Luxuria, it may have been more thrilling but the thrill would be hollow. I like that Fraction is building back up from approximately nothing. It gives my brain a chance to catch back up.

It also makes it a fine point to jump on, so if you always wanted to read Casanova but didn’t want to start at the beginning for some reason, you are set! It won’t be the best thing you’ve ever read, but if the track record is anything to go by it will be. Jump into the deep end. Kill that high-heeled assassin. Find out who Casanova Quinn is now, before he does.

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