One Word or Less Comic Reviews for Free Comic Book Day 2016

Reviewed, in ascending order of awesome:

Valiant: 4001 A.D. FCBD Special

DC Superhero Girls #1 Special Edition

Mix Tape 2016 (Devil’s Due/1First Comics)

Love and Rockets: Stories (Free Comic Book Day 2016 Edition)

CBLDF Presents Defend Comics: FCBD Edition 2016

Legend of Korra (Free Comic Book Day) (All Ages)

Serenity (Free Comic Book Day) (General)

Lady Mechanika FCBD #1

Camp Midnight Free Comic Book Day Special

Avatarex Free Comic Book Day Special Preview

Civil War II (Free Comic Book Day)

Rom #0

Captain America (Free Comic Book Day)

Awake #0

Free Comic Book Day Comics Lab!!!

Boom! Studios 2016 Summer Blast

Dream Jumper (Free Comic Book Day)

Bob’s Burgers Free Comic Book Day 2016

Junior Braves of the Apocalypse: FCBD

FCBD 2016 Oddly Normal, Chapter 1

Mooncop: A Tom Gauld Sampler