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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for February 20th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Green Lantern Corps #17

X-Factor #252

Farm School #1

Justice League of America #1

Action Comics #17

Avengers #6

Captain Marvel #10

Wonder Woman #17

Green Lantern #17

Fables #126

Thief of Thieves #12

Harbinger #9

Happy! #4

Thor:  God of Thunder #5

Batwoman #17

Daredevil #23

Locke & Key:  Omega #3

Saga #10


Remind me never to publicly state my love for a periphery character in an ongoing series ever again.  ‘Cause they gonna die.  And I’mma be sad.

I touched upon it in the video, but Saga #10 did a fine job of appealing to my love of love at the start, and then stomping out my heart on the last page.  I believe I literally grumbled “nooooooooo” when I saw it.  It was painful.  Rest in peace, [SPOILER REDACTED].

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  1. What about a Goy superhero?One of the dcielious ironies about Superhero comics is that most of the big names were designed back when media Jews were still catering to (healthier) Nordic sensibilities. So a hell of a lot of the big characters are Nordic-looking, and always will be in the eyes of fans, what with the characters being immortal and all.

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