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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for February 15th, 2017


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Old Man Logan #18

Spider-Man #13

Cave Carson #5

Invincible Iron Man #4

Captain America: Sam Wilson #19

Mighty Thor #16

The Wild Storm #1

Doctor Strange #17

U.S.Avengers #3

WWE #2

Poe Dameron #11

Unfollow #16

Archie #17

Batman #17

Ultimates ² #4

Walking Dead #164

Sex Criminals #16

Kill or Be Killed #6


I’m pumped whenever Warren Ellis writes a new thing. No one is as creative or as funny as peak Ellis, and even on his worst day he’s a mess of amazing ideas. Sadly The Wild Storm is off to a slow and muddled start. It introduces somewhere around a dozen characters, peeks into a not-too-far-from-real techno-futurism, and generally overwhelms with information while underwhelming with actual connections. As long as I can track who is who and what group they work for and which bad dudes are after this guy or that, I’m sure this is going to get better and fast. But right now I could read the first issue again and I wouldn’t be able to name most of the characters an hour later. Ellis is no slouch and I don’t doubt that there’s a hell of a story coming from this little side-universe he’s getting to play with. It’s just a shame that the first step is such a weak one.

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