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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for December 27th, 2017

Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Moon Girl #26

Invincible Iron Man #595

Punisher: The Platoon #4

Spider-Men II #5

Jessica Jones #15

WWE #12



Okay, I suppose I should qualify that at least slightly. Here’s the bullet points:

-A new character, Original Universe Miles Morales, had a touching story about losing his wife, and committed acts of villainy to go to another universe to find her again.

-The two Spider-Men fought Taskmaster, but a version of Taskmaster who could not be more useless or generic if they tried.

-Some version of the Ultimate Universe exists again.

And that’s it. As it turns out, you didn’t need to tell this story because both Spider-Men can interact now whenever they want, and any of this could have been crammed into a single issue of the main book. At five issues, Spider-Men II was a bloated, needless mess that I do not recommend.

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