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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for December 21st


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Thanos #2

Cage! #3

Invincible Iron Man #2

Doctor Aphra #2

Ultimates² #2

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #3

Captain America: Sam Wilson #16

Doctor Strange #15

Archie #15

Batman #13

Locke & Key: Small World #1


You may notice that the bottom half of my list is exclusively second and third issues that didn’t make my day. Cage! is stylistic as hell but the story is so thin it may as well not exist. Doctor Aphra looks to be getting where it’s going, but this issue didn’t do it any favors. Ultimates² is setting the cosmic stage in service of the longer story. Invincible Iron Man had good backstory, which is very necessary, but the “fight scene” was a snoozefest. Thanos is a lot of talk on the one side and nihilistic genocide on the other, and it’s much blander than I’m making it sound. And Cave Carson has all the elements there, and Oeming’s art is amazing, but it’s missing some amount of spark this month.

I hope they all shape up before I decide I’d rather have four dollars each month than to see what happens next.

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