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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for August 30th, 2017

Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Mace Windu #1

Black Magick #7

Infamous Iron Man #11

Star Wars #35

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #22

Ringside #11

Deadly Class #30

All Star Batman #13

Saga #46

Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #27


Both Black Magick and Ringside took some time away. While I fully understand that most comics need to have some downtime, be it because of an emergency or scheduled to give the artist some breathing room, it can be difficult to pop back into the story.

Black Magick has been unfortunate enough as to come back from hiatus into a slower portion of the story, and much like the second season of Heroes way back in the day, the loss of momentum has made it seem more mundane than it may have if issue five had come out two months ago.

Ringside is giving me a different problem: after not having read it for a while I don’t fully remember all the characters. I found myself jumping back and forth and comparing faces and hairstyles to try to parse who was who. Was the guy from the opening segment the same guy doing the script meeting with the TV studio? That guy who took over those illegal operations was the Minotaur, right? Who’s doing that voiceover at the end, and what’s the significance? I still enjoyed it, but it’s a shame that because I didn’t have a chance to reread the series I’ve ended up somewhat lost.

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