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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for August 27th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Uncanny Avengers #23

Guardians of the Galaxy #18

All-New X-Men #31

Manhattan Projects #23

Cyclops #4

Saga #22


I should! On paper, it’s a wonderful and ambitious time-travel and alternate future story that is thematically the next step forward from Rick Remender’s Dark Angel saga in Uncanny X-Force. But on the page it’s lost me. Maybe it’s all the time spent in false futures. Maybe it’s the emphasis on massive events that, if they were to stick, would be game-changers for the Marvel Universe as a whole, to the point where the natural assumption is that none of these things will indeed stay changed, and therefore none of it matters. And then when some of the giant changes do indeed make that difference, I feel cheated for not believing it in the first place.

Uncanny Avengers is, like Astonishing X-Men before it, a flagship book that also lives in its own bubble. It doesn’t feel like the “real” Avengers title, because it’s gotten to ignore events like Infinity while the quote-unquote “real” Avengers books dealt with it. Part of me hopes that its involvement with the upcoming AXIS crossover, which springs directly from roots in Uncanny Avengers, will help to change this. Part of me hopes it’ll leave well enough alone and keep telling its cool stories. But of course until I can reconnect with this team, that would be for naught.

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