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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for August 21st


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Avengers #18

100 Bullets:  Brother Lono #3

Superman Unchained #3

X-Factor #261

Batwoman #23

Wonder Woman #23

Fables #132

Daredevil #30


Every so often you get a week where nothing blows your pants off, and even the books you like are lesser issues than they would be usually.  This was such a week.  I am sad that I’m not connecting with the Avengers Infinity tie-in.  I’m sad that Brother Lono felt like it barely even existed.  I’m sad that this Superman story is so drawn out and not living up to its potential (at least so far).  And how does the second last issue of X-Factor fall flat?  Batwoman is another issue that’s good but still holding off on getting to the good stuff.  Wonder Woman presents good developments and solid fight scenes but is missing that certain something.  Fables would have been your usual slow-build Fables filler issue if not for that one moment of shocking derailment.  Even Daredevil, exalted Daredevil, is being buoyed by a single spread of DD smiling and saying “I’ll drive.”

I like these comics, but they can all do better.

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