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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for April 3rd


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Worlds’ Finest #11

Stormwatch #19

Earth 2 #11

Über #0

Swamp Thing #19

Harbinger Wars #1

Snapshot #3

Thanos Rising #1

Green Arrow #19

Green Lantern #19

Fairest #14

All-New X-Men #10

Locke & Key:  Omega #4


Here’s the problem.  DC seems to have silently taken the initiative to reboot the creative teams on most of their books, and many of those this month.  The good news here is that many of these will most likely be good, and be an improvement on the stagnant storytelling that so much of the New 52 has been mired in so far this year.  The bad news is that the aforementioned stagnant storytelling has left me unwilling to blindly take a chance on books I wasn’t already reading, and there’s a really strong chance that the books I’m still following will be taking a hit.  The new issue of Stormwatch isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever read, but as of right now it has no connection to the book I was enjoying, so I’m not going to read it anymore.  Swamp Thing is very different, and if it doesn’t wow me next issue I’m done with that one too.  And maybe, just maybe, James Tynion IV will write an amazing Red Hood and the Outlaws, but I won’t know from buying it myself, that’s for sure.

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