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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for April 30th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

Uncanny Avengers Annual #1

Bear, Bird and Stag Were Arguing in the Forest (and Other Stories) #1

All-New X-Men #26

New Avengers #17

Southern Bastards #1


All of the books I read this week that weren’t all new things have stories that are in danger of collapsing under their own weight. Uncanny Avengers is so far down its own dark future, alternate reality rabbit hole that I’m not sure there’s any way out; for certain, it’s going to be difficult to return to any kind of normalcy after they did a story where the EARTH WAS DESTROYED. All-New X-Men is focused on the time-displaced original X-Men…and now also X-23…and also the entire cast of Uncanny X-Men. Between that and constantly getting sucked into crossovers, it’s lost its footing. Meanwhile New Avengers has felt like it’s about to really get going for over a year now, and while it’s well written and consistently enjoyable you can only spin your wheels for so long.

Discounting the Uncanny annual, which was a pointless side story obsessed with how pointless it was, All-New X-Men and New Avengers feel like they might be ready to spin their way out of the messes they’re stuck in. I hope so. I’m starting to feel like I’m reading both out of habit at this point and I need to be impressed sometime soon.

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