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One Word or Less Comic Reviews for April 17th


Reviewed this week, in ascending order of awesome:

X-Factor #254

Captain Marvel #12

Thunderbolts #8

Wonder Woman #19

Fables #128

We Will Remain #1

Thief of Thieves #13

Iron Man #8

Batwoman #19

Daredevil:  End of Days #7

Daredevil #25


I don’t want to stop reading X-Factor.  I gave a chance to a mini-series called Madrox  almost ten years ago, and I loved it so much that I wanted to read that character forever.  That spun off into a new X-Factor series in the same vein, and I loved that book too.  It had its ups and downs, and sometimes it got sidetracked by big dumb X-events, but at its core the team was a family and Peter David was not afraid to make huge choices for emotional effect.  Characters left, or died, or fell in love.  So why is it that the book does almost nothing for me anymore?

Is it that that core family no longer exists?  When they brought in Shatterstar, Longshot, and others it felt like it was starting to lose its focus, but the connections were still there.  By the time they brought in Havok and Polaris for no real reason, the storylines might as well have been from any generic X-book, but you could generally depend on some good wisecracks or novel storytelling methods.  But now more often than not, X-Factor deals with massive events that WILL CHANGE THE TEAM FOREVER (TM) on a regular basis, and it’s landing with a dull thud.  Maybe it’s because Madrox has become a bit player when he was once the centerpiece that his recent marriage to Layla Miller barely even registered, both with me and with his fictional teammates.

The book started renumbering itself after issue 50 gave way to issue 200, so including the Madrox mini and a handful of one-shots I’ve spent something like 115 issues with these guys.  I miss loving them, and I don’t want to miss where they’re going to next, but every month I wonder why I’m still here when it’s not the book I want to read anymore.

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