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Netflix This: “Girl Boss” is an insanely good show with many life lessons

Netflix This is a weekly feature helping you discover different Netflix programs. Ruben Jay takes time out of his week to binge watch (or tries to) random programs offered on Netflix to help you pick your next big binge! If you have any suggestions for a “Netflix This”, email it to NetflixThis@MultiMediaMouth.com. Enjoy!

While I was contemplating on which show to feature in the first Netflix This column, I kept scrolling by Girl Boss and kept thinking it was some stupid show mainly for women. I couldn’t get it out of my head. Every time I opened the Netflix app, it was there in my face. So I decided to go ahead and binge watch it. I mean, after all, if it sucked I could just tell you not to watch it.

The story of the show Girl Boss is a simple one. It’s based on the story of Sophia Armoso, a young woman who started an eBay store as a way to not be controlled by the man. While the show opens with the “disclaimer” that the show is a loose retelling of Sophia’s story, one has to wonder how loose the stories really are. The show was created by Kay Cannon based off the book of the same title.

One of the things that I noticed while binge watching this show is that there are many different lessons to be learned from watching. Yes, you get to see a young woman struggle to create a brand and find her own true identity. Even more so, you see a young woman struggle with falling in love, balancing work and friends, trying to keep her friendships, finding peace with her past, and working with others who may not see her vision.

Girl Boss is a show that everyone should watch because it’s not a chick flick type show. You will fall in love with Britt Robertson who plays the free-spirited, take no bullshit, Sophia.

I give this a 4/5 must watch rating.


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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay is an American broadcaster, media blogger, and podcast host. Currently, Ruben is the President of MultiMediaMouth.com and the executive producer and host of the popular podcasts You’re My Best Friend and ON AIR with Ruben Jay, exclusively on MultiMediaMouth.com. Follow Ruben on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok @TheRubenJay.

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