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Tom J Williams – My Girl (Acoustic)

Do you know those songs that make every girl want it to be about them?  Well, make ‘My Girl’ by Tom J Williams one of them!  He’s got the voice, the lyrics and the looks to swoon a girl 100 times over and from the looks of the YouTube comments on his videos it looks like girls can’t get enough of him.

 Only having the lyric video for ‘My Girl (Acoustic)’ up online it alone has 34,000+ views, but it isn’t the only video he’s uploaded.  Tom has also done covers of songs by Olly Murs, Jason Derulo and James Arthur.  (But I’m sure if you search for him on YouTube you’ll find him opening for 5 Seconds of Summer and other live gigs)

In ‘My Girl’ he’s singing about this perfect girl he’s met when he was looking for different girl.  (So I guess you could say it’s an unexpected love?  Or is all love unexpected?  Hmm. . .)  I could totally see this being one of those “happily ever after” songs at the end of a movie (so if it happens I called it!)

Not only are the lyrics in this song things I want to hear a guy say to me/about me, Tom’s voice is absolutely captivating.  If you’re not 100% sure about listening to an original first thing, you can ease yourself into a few of his covers before going into the deep end.  (I don’t know about you but I’ll always listen to a few covers before listening to the originals on repeat)

To keep up to date with Tom J Williams you can head over to his:

Website – www.tomjwilliams.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/tomjwilliamsofficial

Twitter – @tomjwilliams92


And you can also follow me on Twitter @DeeEmilia

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