My Biggest Issue with Assassin Creed Odyssey

Now to start off, I want to say I love this game. It is a lot of fun because it has a great story as well as amazing characters. However, the issue I had was the amount of grind it took to continue playing the main quest line.

Before I begin, this is spoiler free, so if you were worrieddon’t be, you’re safe!

What I noticed is this game is more of a Role Playing Game (RPG) than an action/adventure game like the traditional Assassin Creed format. This is a fun take on the ever expanding saga because you get to experience the franchise in a new light. However, the that RPG mechanic of leveling up comes into play.  This means you no longer have the options of going just through the main storyline. This was the goal of most of the past Assassin’s Creed games. You can does this no longer as they force you to grind for Experience Points(XP) to be strong enough to see the next part of the story

Now I love RPGs and normally this isn’t a big issue to me, however, in odyssey this is a major problem. Most of the side quests, contracts, and other world events you can do in the game to gain XP don’t really give much at all. I did a whole side-quest story line and only leveled up once the whole time. There are around 10 side-quests in total around this particular line.

It’s quite annoying when your trying to play the main story line. A friend of mine noticed when he was comparing our games, mine had 8 hours more then he did in the game and he was already at the same place as me in the story and had a higher level.

I asked him what he did to get to this point, and if he spent the extra 10 bucks on the game to get a 50% XP boost? With the boost he never played a single side mission as the main storyline gave the needed amount of XP to progress in the main story.

We are talking about a 8 hour difference in our own respective play. Throughout the game he was a higher level than I was by the same point. I was trying desperately to get to the same levels as the main quests gave him.

This to me is a money grab by Ubisoft to get extort their players for a quick buck just to see how the main storyline ends. I finally wrapped up the story clocking in around 50 hours. I was still a pretty way under leveled when I finally decided to just continue on with the main quests.

Assassin Creed Odyssey is still a really incredible game and great RPG. This unnecessary 10 dollar trick really makes you push that much harder to see the games end. Normally that’s okay, but when a games offers a quicker way of doing that by spending extra money it quickly becomes a money grab on the part of the developer.

Assassin Creed Odyssey came out on October 5th and is currently getting incredible reviews all around. Despite this issue my single issue, I still highly recommend it to any fan of RPGs or Assassin Creed fans alike.

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