’s Hall of Fame Induction: Chris Nelson was launched in 2009 by a man named Chris Nelson. Nelson, of course, was not on his own. He had help from a man named Eoin Mason. Between the two of them, they created and launched, a website that, despite its simplicity, had big ambitions. 


I was merely 16 years old when I approached Chris (or was it the other way around? One will always wonder) about the possibility of joining the team at MultiMediaMouth. To give some background: I met Chris about 2 and half years prior, through a man named Ricky Leone, a Canadian businessman who once owned a wrestling forum that I frequented. I was 12 when I met Ricky. Ricky launched a website called Entertainment Newsline, where Chris was one of the editors, I believe. 


In the process of a few months, Chris and I began to exchange emails in which I would pitch him ideas. After a while, Chris mentioned to me that he was leaving Entertainment Newsline to pursue his own venture with Eoin. I was loyal to Ricky and wished him the best. 


Then Ricky disappeared. I approached Chris and asked him how his venture was going, and, to my surprise, they were still in the early planning stages of the website. Chris kept me in the loop of developments for the site.


Eventually, Chris offered me a writing spot on the site that would be launching “soon”. This offer came somewhere around late spring. I accepted. Then May went by. Then June. FINALLY, Chris tells me that the plan is to launch on July 4th. And then… July 4th comes and goes. 


Eventually, July 9th rolls around and the first official article published my comes out. It’s mine. 


Chris became a bit of a mentor to me. He heard my ideas. He allowed me to be me, and reigned me in when my 16-year-old ideas were too big. Ultimately, my time came to an end at MultiMediaMouth. 


Over the years, I would watch Chris and the team publish articles. Chris would faithfully publish his column, The T.V. Week That Will Be. I believe this to be the longest running episodic blog in the history of MultiMediaMouth.


Chris would later approach me about rebroadcasting my weekly radio shows via MultiMediaMouth, which I gladly accepted. I wanted to be everywhere. So, for about a year, Chris would rebroadcast my radio show on his website. 


Let’s fast-forward to the winter of 2016. I was running, a news website that I 100% owned. I ran the site, published articles, found writers, etc. However, the name was always a sticking point for me. It was a GREAT name for a real reporter. Or a real news network. I wanted to podcast and do YouTube videos and photoshoots. Therefore, HeadlinesTonight was not the right name for me. 


I decided in December of 2016 to approach Chris Nelson about his plans for a slowing I had pitched the idea of merging HeadlinesTonight with MultiMediaMouth, with MultiMediaMouth becoming the name of the two sites while the HeadlinesTonight vision and management team would take over the day-to-day operations.


After thinking it over, Chris decided to hear me out. This time of negotiations became a highlight in a dark period of my life. Chris was open to the idea of merging the sites and taking a backseat to the day-to-day management. While we were negotiating, my mother passed away, and Chris sent me the nicest condolences. He was very patient with me 


MultiMediaMouth was Chris’ baby. He was the President, Publisher, and Editor-In-Chief of the site that he himself created. I took the name, the logo, the history, the archive, the brand, and more importantly, his vision, and moved it in a new direction (I would say, a more modern version). Chris stepped down from his President and Editor-In-Chief position, to a newly created Managing Editor position. 


Chris served as Managing Editor for 6 months before he ultimately resigned and became a contributor and host of the Chris Nelson Podcast (a show we should start again, Chris). Before the year ended, Chris resigned from MultiMediaMouth completely and I became the lone original cast member of MultiMediamouth.


Today, July 1, 2019, almost 10 years to the day of MultiMediaMouth’s 10th Anniversary, I am proud to say that Chris Nelson has been the most instrumental person in the story of MultiMediaMouth. His vision to start his own website was risky. His determination to make it work in the 8 years he ran it is undeniable. His unpretentiousness to allow a punk kid like me take over his website is humbling. Without Chris Nelson, I don’t think there would be a Ruben Jay. 


It is with great honor that I welcome Chris Nelson into the Hall of Fame, Class of 2019. 



About MultiMediaMouth


MultiMediaMouth,com is a digital-first entertainment news and commentary website and podcast platform. Created on July 9, 2019 by Chris Nelson & Eoin Mason, MultiMediaMouth is celebrating its 10th year publishing articles. In 2017, Ruben Jay of acquired and merged the two websites together to create a mega website.