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Mr. Robot S2E4&5 – Annihilation Is Always the Answer or We Have Other Battles to Fight

Annihilation Is Always the Answer or We Have Other Battles to Fight

Episodes four and five deepen this season’s mysteries and characters. We learn that the fsociety mask comes from an old low-budget horror move Elliot and Darlene watched as kids, Darlene found it at a 99 cent store, as we see in a flashback. Elliot and Darlene spend an evening reminiscing and watching the movie again, and then Elliot shows her their dad’s old ‘Mr. Robot’ work jacket that he’d kept. When Elliot puts the jacket and the mask on we see the seeds of the 5/9 hack burst through the ground of his mind. In that moment the spark of fsociety was born and vengeance on E Corp began.

I’d like to take this opportunity to compliment USA Network or the show’s producers or whoever made the decision, about the censoring on the show. I really appreciate that the show allows the characters to talk like real people using natural language. If the network is not ready to allow the use of the ‘F-word’ in prime time, I like that they just mute the word. There’s no beep or blurred mouths. I hate the beep; it draws undue attention to the word and takes me out of the show. So, if have to censor, this is the best way.

The heart of these two episodes is Elliot’s journey back online. He is driving himself mad in his self-imposed digital exile. He’s trying to make Mr. Robot go away by staying away from computers. But, Darlene wants him back, Mr. Robot wants him back, Ray wants him back, and really Elliot wants to go back. It seems that his main hurdle is that he is consumed with guilt about the death of Gideon. He liked Gideon, Gideon was a good guy that tried to do good work and live a good life. That Gideon was getting pulled into the FBI investigation then was shot because of his proximity to Elliot has crippled Elliot. I think Elliot is avoiding his feeling about Gideon by creating a battle in his mind with Mr. Robot. Remember, Elliot started the show as a digital avenging angel, helping people like Gideon that were being abused by others.

As the FBI investigation looks to be making progress, all the players are getting nervous. Darlene’s old Boyfriend, and Dark Army contact is scared. Angela’s old boyfriend is freaked; he loaded the CD at AllSafe that helped in the attack. The possibility that the feds could be after Angela and Darlene, Elliot’s family, pushed Elliot to return online.

Elliot takes Ray up on his offer to do some IT work on Ray’s site, so he can gain access to the FBI to find and destroy anything that connects Angela to the 5/9 hack. In the course of doing this Elliot learns that the site Ray is running is the deepest, darkest, most evil digital black-market. This sends Elliot into a crises, to help his family he has to be a part of the world he used to crusade against. Before he can come to a resolution Ray and his gang grab Elliot out of his bed and beat him for looking at the site.

-I’m still intrigued with Agent DiPierro. We learned some of her backstory during her odd bonding with the Chinese Minister. Who also that time obsessed hacker. Who also was on the phone with E Corp top dog Phillip Price!

-The flipside of Angela’s new confidence has surfaced. She figured right the E Corp was using her, by bringing her inside to help stop the lawsuit. She confronted Phillip and he pretty much confirmed it and blew her off. New Angels is not having that. Plus with the possibility of her being connected to the hack, she seems to have decided to not take any of it and takes steps to join fsociety. Where the old gang was back together.

-Tyrell’s wife: I have no idea what is going on with her, what side she is on or what her goals are. But, I like how it’s building and can’t wait to find out.

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