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Monday Night RAW Top Five Moments: 2/5/18

RAW was live from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa tonight.  Here are my favorites moments from tonight’s broadcast:

5. Elias vs. John Cena vs. Braun Strowman– The winner of this match snags a coveted spot in the Men’s Elimination Chamber on Feb. 25th.  I loved seeing Cena and Elias gang up on Strowman, and I thought Cena was going to win this match, but was pleasantly surprised when Elias got the pinfall over John Cena.

4. Cesaro/Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins– This match was originally supposed to have Jason Jordan teaming with Seth Rollins, and earlier in the show we saw Jordan convincing Rollins that he was medically cleared to wrestle and that Rollins shouldn’t worry.  Rollins goes with it and says they’ll take their tag team belts back together.  Later in the show however, and conveniently right before the match, Jordan confronts Rollins to tell him he injured himself once again and the medical team will not allow him to perform.  Kurt Angle who is standing by tells Rollins he’s going to have to forfeit the match.  That is, until Roman Reigns appears and without even saying a word, just a knowing glance, it’s now Seth Rollins teaming up with Roman Reigns in a tag match against Cesaro and Sheamus.  Jason Jordan finds himself in some hot water with Rollins and Reigns after he comes out to ringside appearing to help his would-be teammates, but manages to do exactly the opposite.  Cesaro and Sheamus grab their tag team belts while outside of the ring and try to walk off with them, Jason Jordan gets into it with them and starts throwing punches, therefore getting Reigns and Rollins disqualified from the match.  Rollins is livid, you can see him yelling to Jordan from the ring “What are you doing??”, while Jordan is standing there trying to apologize and explain himself.  Backstage Rollins is still yelling at Jordan, when Kurt Angle interferes and tells Jordan he needs to go home and not come back until he is completely healed.


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