Miz & Mrs. Series Premiere: A Mizunderstanding

Miz & Mrs. premieres tonight on the USA Network starring Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and his wife Maryse Mizanin. The series starts off with Miz and Maryse seated on camera and the Miz complaining about sitting on an uncomfortable bench. We also see a recap of how the Miz and Maryse met.

The intro took 3 minutes and really didn’t get anywhere.

The show starts in Los Angeles. This show is filmed about 20 days before their baby is born. The two have an argument about Maryse possibly farting during her pregnancy, Maryse claims she won’t.

We are then taken to Monday Night RAW. Maryse is back for the first time in a while. She tells Miz that she scheduled a photo shoot for that week on a day Miz will be flying home. They agree to do the shoot.

They air a recap of The Miz winning the Intercontinental Championship on RAW: 25. Maryse is getting ready for the photo shoot and we see her and her photographer struggling to get her shoes on. Hilarious moment.

Miz calls Maryse and asks what time they’re scheduled to do the photoshoot. Maryse says it is an implied nude photoshoot. Miz is trying to get some clarification on the shoot when his phone dies. Miz then starts to ponder the idea of a nude photo shoot. His driver looks very uncomfortable. Miz asks him “Is that weird to you?” and the driver doesn’t answer. Gold.

Miz is wondering if this is all okay. He’s mentally preparing himself to walk out naked in front of these women. He strips down in his dressing room, looks in the mirror and walks out completely naked. There is a Miz TV logo covering his junk. Maryse is freaking out laughing as are the other women in the room. This is gold.

Miz decides to recreate some of Maryse’s maternity pictures and they have a great funny moment of Maryse asking Miz to tuck in his junk. Maryse is cracking up.

We head to Miz on the set of MTV’s The Challenge. Maryse is wanting to talk about them moving to Texas. They begin to argue about how they should get to Texas. Maryse is wanting a private jet.  Miz complains about how expensive that would be. I found that to be interestingly funny that Miz is complaining about how expensive something is. They finally settle on getting a tour bus to move. Only the Miz.

Maryse runs into Renee Young and Maryse starts having some contractions. Miz is freaking out looking for her all over the arena.

Thoughts on the show: I love the dynamic of Miz and Maryse. Miz has always been, in my opinion, one of the underrated stars of WWE. However, this show is off to a slow start. I hope that they have more in place for the show and it picks up the pace.

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