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Mike Bloomberg gives fired staff a “tokens of appreciation”, staff paid more than $400 in taxes

After Michael Bloomberg abandoned his presidential hopes, his staffers were promised to be paid through the November election, with benefits. Instead, they were laid off and the benefits won’t last either.  As a consolation, the Bloomberg campaign offered displaced employees to keep their laptops and iPhones. “As a token of our appreciation, we are offering you the opportunity to keep your laptop and iPhone,” an email said. Campaign staffers only had to pay taxes on these items.

To their surprise, they were missing more than $400 from their last paycheck that they got on March 31st, according to NBC.  “So the blowback is because we were never told our last checks would be taxed (for me, I lost $800+!) before they did it. If they told us that, people would have been a little more stringent about opting out of taking them,” said one staffer to Politico.

Several of the former employees are now suing Bloomberg for refusal to pay over-time and leaving them without health insurance amid pandemic, according to the New York Post. The plaintiffs are trying to get this lawsuit certified as a class action. One of the complaints was “they left other lucrative jobs and relocated across the country based on the campaign’s assurances.”

“This campaign paid its staff wages and benefits that were much more generous than any other campaign this year,” a Bloomberg campaign spokesperson responded. “Staff worked 39 days on average, but they were also given several weeks of severance and healthcare through March, something no other campaign did this year.”

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