Larry King Files For Divorce From 7th Wife, Shawn King, After 22 Years

Legendary television and radio broadcaster, Larry King, has filed to divorce is wife of 22 years, Shawn King. The news was originally reported by

This would be the second time that Larry King has filed for divorce with Shawn. Back in 2010, the couple began divorce proceedings before reconciling their marriage.

According to Fox News, Shawn has been having an affair. “It’s true, and Larry is completely embarrassed and anguished by all of this,” an insider told People at the time about the alleged infidelity. “He doesn’t know what to do.”

The Kings deny the rumors.

“You said an interesting word, ‘rumor.’ I’ve been in the business — next May, it’ll be 60 years — and I’ve dealt with rumors a long time,” King said. “[I’ve] interviewed people involved with rumors. Rumors are what they are — they’re rumors. And I tell you the truth, I don’t pay any attention to them.”

Echoed Shawn, 59: “Last week, there was a rumor going around about Larry and a speech he made in Kiev. This week, I’m the latest pinup girl. You just have to develop a shell around yourself and not get hard on the inside, and stick together.”

Larry is Shawn’s fourth husband.