Jess Moskaluke – Top 5

Jess Moskaluke is one of my favorite Youtubers of all time, and here is why. My top 5 Jess Moskaluke videos.


#5 – Good Girl, Carrie Underwood Cover

So, this is actually the first video of Jess that I saw and I instantly fell in love with this girl. Her vocals are right on. She pulls off the song respectfully to Carrie Underwood, but it isn’t a kareoke cover. So enjoy.

#4 – Set Fire To The Rain, Adele cover

Just a solid vocal over all. reassured me that this chick is legit.

#3 Hard to Love, Lee Brice cover

I seriously thought this was an original. This fits Jess to the T! Goodness this girl is talented.

#2 – Starships, Nicki Minaj cover

I love this mainly because she says “bad chicks like me are hard to come by”and she looks like an angel in this video.

#1 – Catch me if you can, Original

And when it’s all said and done, she can deliver on her originals.


This is just 5 reasons why I love her. There are about 50 more videos on her youtube.


Jess Moskaluke: