Jake Hager Thinks He Can Use His WWE Name Jack Swagger In Next Bellator Fight

Former WWE Heavyweight Champion and new Bellator MMA fighter, Jake Hager wants to fight under his old WWE name. According to Hager, he’s still has a good relationship with WWE and think that he can get them to let him use hid old Jack Swagger name.

“I still have a very good relationship with WWE. That’s why they are allowing R-Truth to perform my entrance on Saturday. I thought that was a very good sign from them. It’s a little bit of writing on the wall from them. As far as the Jack Swagger name, they do not have it trademarked. I’m in the process of trademarking the name. I know there’s a singer who has it trademarked for musical performances. But, this isn’t music (laughs). I think I have a good chance of owning it down the line. I won’t have the name for this fight, but hopefully, by the second fight it will be Jack Swagger.”

Would you be interested in seeing Hager fight under the Swagger name?

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