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How Changing The Clocks This Weekend May Affect You

You know spring in officially right around the corner when it’s time to change the clocks.  This weekend we move the clocks one hour ahead, therefore losing one hour of sleep Saturday night into Sunday morning.  A good way to remember which direction the clocks are changing is ‘spring ahead’, ‘fall back’.  Although nowadays, technology kind of has it all taken care of for us.  I know personally, the only clocks I ever end up changing are the ones on the dashboard of my car and on my stove.

So how does the time change affect us?  It’s only an hour, it doesn’t seem like a lot, so you’d think the affect isn’t too great, right?  Well, research shows otherwise…here are some examples of how we are affected the Monday after changing the clocks:

1.  One study found that the Monday after ‘spring forward’, there was an increase of heart attacks by 25%.

2.  There are more car accidents.  On average, car crashes increase by 8% in the days following the time change.

3.  Your stress levels might go up about 5%.  Research found people’s cortisol levels were elevated when the sunrise time was pushed back an hour.

So I guess if there were ever a time to sleep in, Monday morning would be it, if you can that is!

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