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Hidden Gems: Arise A Simple Story

This time of year is always a little slower with less big titles coming out from the AAA scene and even more of them getting delayed and pushed back so Dev teams have more time. Around this time of year I love to go back and pick up the smaller games that I wanted to play but didn’t have time to. This particular  game I played really is such a unique story at least I feel it is.  It was created by Piccolo Studio S.L . and was released on December 3rd, 2019.

Arise A Simple Story follows an old man who dies and goes to the afterlife, when he arrives players go and on a journey through who his and his wife life together. My time with this game was so incredible it’s not even to long of a game but it does the most beautiful story telling  through it’s level design each level has a theme and that is what the level is about. From love to joy to death. There is so much story being told without the use of any voices at all.

The gameplay itself is also quite simple the game is a 3D platformer where you have the power to fast forward and go backward in time. This allows you to line up all kinds of shots to get from one point to the other. As the game progresses as well you end being able to freeze time all together which is really fun when you need to freeze lighting bolts in place to avoid shadow monster trying to take your soul.

Each Level is beautifully made with my favorite being called romance, where you are following the old and his wife falling in love and this level is so beautifully designed the deep blue along with the light that hits the water that surrounds this level is such an amazing sight. The music in this level and honestly the whole game itself is so incredible each level has such strong music to go with. Romance I feel is the best level to show someone you want to play this with because this is also a CO-OP game as well. So with Valentines Day in few days if you guys are gaming couple this would be a good one to play together as well. Back to the point I was making this level showcases so much of what makes this game great each sections of the level feels like it was crafted with such  care and makes it so much fun to go through.

In a world with a lot of darkness in it Arise A Simple Story is great chance to remind ourselves how important the loved ones we have are to hold onto. This game in so many way isn’t hard at all with a run time of about six hours this games does not over stay it’s welcome and truly gave me an experience in gaming I haven’t had in a long time. Being $19.99 it’s great priced game, that I feel more people need to play through.

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