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Halo Infinite Delayed

343 Industries came out and said they are unfortunately delaying Halo Infinite until sometime in 2021. The reason being according to the studio because of COVID-19 related complications and to give the team more time to work on the game. All in all the announcement surprises no one after a ton of backlash from the Xbox Conference a few weeks ago.

Where Halo Infinite opened up the conference with some awesome gameplay but lackluster graphics for a game that was supposed to be running on Xbox Series X. While I personally thought the graphics worked more on my nostalgia for Halo over the power of Series X. I understand why the game is being delayed and I feel as though we may see even more delays at some point soon because due to COVID-19.

However, this announcement was also followed later by Microsoft announcing that Xbox Series X will be launching in November of this year. I think just from a marketing and sales standpoint this is a horrible idea, Microsoft just lost it’s biggest launch title for the new console. While PS5 still has games like Spider-man: Miles Morales which looks like a great game and excellent launch title, due later this year. I feel that the series X should be delayed along with its flagship game due to the fact we have no idea when Halo Infinite is coming out now. This could seriously damage the sales of the console.

If I had to guess I would hope February- March 2021, which if that’s the case hopefully Series X won’t take to much of a sales drop against the PS5 Launch which is still unknown. As someone who plays a lot more of his Xbox then his Playstation I am even more inclined to get the PS5 now without Halo Infinite coming out anytime soon. Only time will tell how this affects sales on Series X if at all.

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