Gordon Ramsay developing comedy for FOX Network

Loudmouth Englishman chef, Gordon Ramsay, is working on a new comedy for the FOX Broadcast Network. Ramsay has a long standing relationship with FOX that includes multiple unscripted shows like The F Word, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmare, and more.

The untitled project is a single camera comedy that follows the life of a chef. Variety reports “The prospective series centers around a young chef named Laura, who decides to strike out on her own after a huge blow up with her perfectionist, demanding, Gordon Ramsay-like mentor. Thinking there’s got to be a better way to run a kitchen, she opens her own restaurant. But after a twist of fate throws them back together, she finds herself stuck with her opinionated, foul mouthed former boss, not only in her kitchen, but in her personal life too.”

Ramsay will not be playing a role on camera for the show. He will, however, be a non-writing Executive Producer as his production company, Studio Ramsay, will be one of the main players in the show.


Ramsay has proven to be gold for the network. More details to follow.