Games that Need the Spyro Treatment

Toys for Bob did something truly incredible with the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. It gave the games a splash of life. There are so many other incredible series from older generation consoles that need that same kind of love and attention.


There are games, like Sly Cooper, where you play as a raccoon thief and his gang of friends. The games were pure stealth fun. The most important part of the game was the way they used stealth. Sly was a quick and quiet character and could only take so many hits before dying. The key of the game was to remain unseen. The potential for the Sly Cooper trilogy to be revamped would be amazing if it received the same level of love that Toys for Bob gave Spyro.


Now, I’m aware that there was a PS3 release for this game (as do some of the other series I’ll be mentioning), but I’m simply talking about the re-releasing of old titles. They would look amazing if done in the same way Toys for Bob did for Spyro.


Another series that found its way to a PS4 reboot was Ratchet and Clank.  I loved this series growing up. The first three games were some of the most fun I had as a kid. Ratchet and Clank were two of the funniest characters. Clank was the brain and Ratchet was the badass Lombax we know and love.


We  already have a clear  image of what the game series should look like, so why not bring back the original three games for this generation to play? These games have so much charm and humor that they are timeless. It would be a perfect project for studios like Toys for Bob to revitalize.


Out of all of the games I have mentioned, the series I’d like to see more than any other is Jak and Daxter. That series of games has so much personality and the one of the most well thought out plots of its time. If you have never played these games, the PS4 has a bundle for the original three and a companion game Cart Racers Jak X: Combat racing. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid platform experience.


Since it’s already on the PS4, it’s unlikely we will get to see it remastered in the Toys for Bob way. However, I would still love to see how the world of Jak and Daxter would pop on modern fortmats. The series was owned by Naughty Dog and the studio gave the games so much love back in the day.


It would be great to see these games brought back to life so new generations can discover the stories about Jak and his idiotic partner Daxter. They can even laugh and rage at the funny one liners that Daxter delivers with every couple of deaths.

These are so many games that I feel need a Toys for Bob style update. Most of these games can still be played on the PS4, thanks to PlayStation. I highly recommend giving them a look if you are a fan of some solid platforming games. Game on everyone!


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