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Game delays due to the Corona Virus?

Now, first of all, this is nowhere near a big deal as all the lives being affected by the virus, I want to make that clear, but I found this to be quite interesting as a topic. There are a lot of games and even console that will most definitely be delayed because of the Corona Virus. Mainly because so many companies have help from China, in fact, the game industry is not the only one to see these delays. Even the movie business itself will see delays in the coming future.

The reason we haven’t notice so many of the effects yet is because well a lot of these games were still months if not years away from coming out. Now you may wonder how a US-based company, for example, Naughty Dog (There are no delays as of now from them this is just an example) has their game made almost all in house. However, they would outsource some of the assets they need to companies like Virtuos a company based all in China.

Now, because companies like this help make a lot of games all across the board this will put a lot of games on a delay because they are missing assets they need for their game. Also, for those of you not in the know an asset is anything game from a character model, place or building, environment, etc. While the bulk of the work may get done in house by a lot of US-based companies, they still need help to meet their deadline release date. Virtuos even told their employees to just not even come into work and some can’t because of quarantine restrictions.

Even Esports are being effect by this having a lot if not all matches being postponed or canceled due to high risk of infection. As of writing this Achievement Hunter a popular YouTube group had to cancel their live tour because they were as well afraid of risking themselves and the comity as well to infection.
Even Sony and Microsoft pulled out from a few recent conventions most notably GDC, Game Developers Conference, where so many important meetings happen for the next year in gaming. And this year it just won’t happen at all which means while hopefully the virus itself may go away sooner rather than later we may see its effect in pop culture all around for a lot longer.

So, while those effect might not come right away, I think we will see more of them come summer and fall, especially next year as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS5 and Series X don’t come out till sometime next year because PS5 main unit builder is China. We may also see a shortage in current console like the Switch who just recently switch their unit builders to Vietnam. I wouldn’t hold your breath on the next generation starting this year. Also, because we will see such a drop in sales from games and consoles since China has such an important market, they wouldn’t get the kind of sales they actually need. It is on the business side of things much smarter to delay all of these products in order to see better results as well and more importantly keeping people safe and healthy.

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