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GAEMS Guardian gaming briefcase

What’s up everyone I was given the chance to play with the GAEMS Guardian gaming briefcase over the weekend and let me tell you this is something that I thought was truly awesome. So I figured I bring it to all of you to take look at, first of all, it is huge, I did not expect it to be that big but once you open it you can see why! The top side of the briefcase (the lid) has a 24-inch monitor-built in. While having all the room on the lower part for a console, cables and even controller. Once you put a gaming console or even some PC , you put the console into the Guardian and then strap it down under the lid, the straps are not seen but secure the console. And trusts me that console isn’t going to be moving anywhere inside the Guardian.

I have always heard about gaming briefcases before but I have never had the chance to actually play with one so I hook up two consoles to see what that bad boy could do.

I hooked my PS4 which was just a standard PS4 then my Xbox one S. One the PS4 I ran Need For Speed Payback, not really a great game in all honesty but it looks real good. The game did not flicker and I forgot I was on a portable display. The game ran so smoothly the visuals were incredible and on top of that, the Guardian also has built-in speakers and dual headphone jacks as well. The audio quality while using the Guardian speakers is amazing it seriously sounds exactly the same as a brand-new TV. I loved hearing my games through it.

My friend and I also wanted to see what playing a game like Rainbow Six Sieges would be like on our Xbox, so I fired me up and we played a few matches using my headphones as well.  The Guardian within this game has a pixel-perfect response time. I was able to see every little detail I needed to, in order to get my kills and win our match. The monitor has a 1440p resolution so, games like Red Dead Redemption will look incredible on it.

It even has a place on both of the sides to put your wires and a controller. Now I bet your also wondering will a console move around in there? The simple answer is no. The console is strapped down so there is no chance of movement. The bottom part of the briefcase is rubber and when you put the cage, as I like to call it and bolt it back in, the unit is very secure. Even the smallest of the console like the Xbox one S isn’t going anywhere they are completely secure. Here is how big it compared to me; keep in mind I am 5’6.

For those of you that travel a lot it is TSA approved, this thing is perfect for those of us who stream and make content  on the go. The topside outside of the display case houses Picatinny™ brackets for your cell phone, camera, microphone and all the accessories you have to create content. The GAEMS Guardian is truly a mobile studio, all clean and ready to create and or compete.

Now the Guardian is on sale for $600 within the preorder status. You also get a lifetime 20% lifetime promocode to shop for more in the future. I have attached the link to get your full collection of GAEMS equipment including the Guardian. Seriously you guys this thing is incredible I really love it and can’t wait to go on my next trip and bring the Guardian. I know we all have that problem of using a bad hotel TV when we want to game, with the Guardian you no longer have to have a bad experience.


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