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Former WWE Referee Says Vince McMahon Raped Her

The New York Post is reporting on allegations that former* WWE CEO Vince McMahon raped her in his limo n 1984.

McMahon was recently accused of paying off a possible mistress earlier this year. With those allegation, McMahon temporarily stepped down as CEO and Chairman of WWE.

According to the report. Rita Chatterton became WWE’s first female referee. She was offered $500,000 per year. She claims that during her negotiations, McMahon took her to his limo and forced her to perform oral sex.

Former wrestler Leonard Inzitari corroborated the Chatterton’s story against McMahon.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” Inzitari told the outlet.

“She was a wreck. She was shaking. She was crying.”

“He kinda forced my head down there, and I made it known I wasn’t interested in doing that,” Inzitari recalled Chatterton telling him. 

“Then, [McMahon] pulled me on top of him,” she told Inzitari and soon, “He was inside her.”

Chatterton said that McMahon had asked her to meet with him at a diner. After they met, he took her to his limo where the alleged rape took place.

“When I come out of the ladies’ room, McMahon’s standing there … and he says, ‘I don’t wanna talk to you about your career in front of all these people, because it’s none of their business.’”

“Vince grabbed my hand, kept trying to put my hand on him. I was scared. At the end, my wrist was all purple, black, and blue. Things just didn’t … He just … God, he just didn’t stop. This man just didn’t stop.”

“I was forced into oral sex with Vince McMahon. When I couldn’t complete his desires, he got really angry, started ripping off my jeans, pulled me on top of him, and told me again that, if I wanted a half-a-million-dollar-a-year contract, that I had to satisfy him. He could make me or break me, and if I didn’t satisfy him, I was black-balled, that was it, I was done,” she told Rivera. 

Chatterton says that she will not be silent on her allegations against McMahon.

Quotes taken from New York Post.

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