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First Ever WWE Women’s Elimination Chamber Match Scheduled For February 25

We’ve just experienced the first-ever highly anticipated Women’s Royal Rumble, and now less than one month away, WWE will make history again with the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match!  It will take place at the pay-per-view with the same name in Las Vegas on February 25.

The announcement was made on last night’s opening segment of Monday Night RAW by WWE’s Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon, confirming that 5 female superstars will challenge RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss for her title.

The WWE women’s division continues to make huge strides, and this just seems like the next natural step, now that we’ve experienced a women’s Hell in a Cell match, a women’s Money in the Bank match and an unprecedented women’s Royal Rumble.

If you’re not familiar with the Elimination Chamber Match,  it’s one of the most barbaric matches in WWE.  It’s a variation of a steel cage match, but instead of a standard steel cage, the Elimination Chamber is circular and has four inner chambers or ‘pods’ with platforms on the apron to hold the 4 participants that are waiting to participate in the match.  The match starts with 2 superstars in the ring, then every five minutes one of the four remaining participants is released at random from their chamber into the match.  This continues until all four have been released from their chambers into the ring, for a total of six participants in the match.  The goal is to eliminate each participant by pinfall or submission, there is no disqualification in an Elimination Chamber match.  After all other participants have been eliminated, the last remaining one is declared the winner of the match.

It’ll be interesting to see which 5 superstars will be brave enough to enter the chamber for a chance to be the next RAW Women’s Champion!   The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view takes place live from Las Vegas from the T-Mobile Arena on February 25.



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