EA said what to Congress!

So, as you know EA, for the most part, is the worst publisher on the face of this earth. Something I have not shied away from saying before mind you. A few days ago, they went to Congress to discuss what good old loot boxes were.

Kerry Hopkins Vice President of legal and government affairs at EA told Congress that loot boxes are a “Surprise Mechanic” instead of being the gambling mechanic they truly are.  So, for those, you not in the know, for the last few years governments of the world have been trying to figure out if loot boxes are in fact gambling. The reason being is whenever you buy said item with your real money you have no idea what you’re going to receive it’s literally a gamble to figure out if you’ll even get what you want out of it.

EA is synonymous for doing this with games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and mainly the FIFA games where a few players have run the numbers and you can spend upwards of $27,000 to even get a great team to play Ultimate Teams. It safe to say that EA business practices at this point depend on Loot Boxes.

This leads to Hopkins calling them a “Surprise Mechanic” in no way are they actually like that at all. Basically, what happens was an old woman went up to a bunch of older people and lied to them about what they were doing because of course! Why not.

If anyone is going to be defending something, we as gamers are trying to actively get rid of its EA. It’s been making them roughly $800 million dollars a year. That’s mainly because of ultimate teams. So of course, they are coming to the defense. The fact that they think this is what Loot Boxes are is completely insane to me. In no world is that how it works. The best question I have now is if Loot Boxes are banned what will happen to the gaming Economy without one of its biggest sources of income? Will game prices go up only time will tell really?

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