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Disturbingly Cheap Reviews: Alone in the Dark 2


There are movies on a shelf, or perhaps in a large container of random DVDs, that you see and wonder, “Why would they make that?” This is most definitely one of those films. The original Alone in the Dark movie was an abominable film featuring Christian Slater as video game protagonist Edward Carnby and a completely miscast of Tara Reid as a scientist.

However, we are not here to discuss the original. To get back on track, today’s sequel is debatable as a sequel because it has nothing to do with the original. ¬†In¬†actuality, it may have nothing to do with being a movie. Let the review explain…or at least try. Oh, and in a nice case of “If it’s not broke, try and fix it anyway,” you may notice something new about the review style. It’s subtle though.


And now the Not So Disturbingly Cheap trailer:


My personal favorite part of it being the ending jump scare where it’s obvious that a man is grabbing the woman, then we cut to a shot of the witch charging, and a man screams. It makes as much sense as the movie.

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