Disturbingly Cheap Reviews: 3 Musketeers


Modern day adaptations of classic literature happens once every other year according to my made-up statistics (I offer a college level class in it, if you’re interested. It has a 74% passing rate). However, when you get a chance to see an updating made by infamous production company “The Asylum,” you just have to take it.

I mean, one actor is billed as “Xin.” No last name. Just Xin. Outstanding.

3 Musketeers is an action/adventure film that, as mentioned in the video review, was released around the same time as theatrical version featuring some people with swords and Milla Jovovich. Is it better than it’s in theater counterpart? Well, I don’t really know cause I chose to not go to theaters…but here’s a review anyway!

And now the Not-So-Disturbingly-Cheap trailer: