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Disturbingly Cheap Review: Born to Raise Hell

It’s time to harshly whisper and break bones as an Action “Legend” makes his DC debut!


This week, we take a look at the man who has made a livign on Direct-to-Video movies since his theater runs have flailed. No, it’s not another Cuba Gooding Jr. movie. ┬áThis actor prefers to wear loose, dark clothing to hide the fact that he’s put on a few pounds since his prime. No, it’s not Val Kilmer.

It’s Steven Seagal and his latest release Born to Raise Hell. Which has absolutely nothing to do with anyone being born, raising things, or just Hell in general. Oh well, that’s what you get when you not only have Seagal as the star, but as the writer, too.


And now, the Not-So-Disturbingly-Cheap trailer: